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Mobile Elevating Work Platforms Chamber

Mobile Elevating Work Platforms Chamber

Companies, Partnerships or Individuals engaged with mobile elevating work platforms.

MEWPs of all types have the prime purpose of lifting people, tools and equipment to elevated work positions. Due to the application and sometimes misuse of MEWPs, they are not without inherent dangers. This is why every single aspect of a MEWP is governed by stringent safety standards and regulations.

The operator’s responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Check that the operator’s manual is stored with the MEWP and is read and understood before using the machine.
  • They must also use the MEWP within the limits of its intended use as is defined by the manufacturer without ignoring job site and government regulations. This includes;
  • Avoiding hazardous situations.
  • Preforming a job site specific risk assessment.
  • Preforming a pre-operating inspection and full function test.
  • The operator is responsible for reporting any defects or malfunctions that occur before or during operation.

When selecting a training provider we recommend the following;

  • That the Provider is accredited with the relevant SETA, to provide training covering the qualifications required.
  • That the Assessors and Moderators are registered constituent members of that SETA.
  • That the Training Provider is recognized by the relevant Professional Body for the industry.
  • That the Professional Body is registered with SAQA.

For more information contact the office for detail regarding the Working at Height Guidelines.